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A LUXURY experience is a leader in luxury lifestyle services. Over the years, some extravagant requests have been met by A LUXURY experience concierge. A group of specialists at A LUXURY experience handpick and screen all the partners to ensure that they meet the most demanding expectations of clients.

It is the first concierge company to provide high - net worth customers with both memberships and on-demand concierge services. The traditional form of concierge support is Membership packages. To be part of the concierge program, you pay a monthly or annual fee. In exchange, your concierge will assist you 24/7 and once they get to know you, they may anticipate your needs over time. On-Demand concierge services are a new type of experience where you pay as you go. It is more transactional and focused on more ad - hoc performance of specific tasks.

Coverage: Global

Services: Dining, travel, unique experiences, VIP access, bespoke event organization, shopping, transport, real estate.

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